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After a master in political science, Pauline Marchand is currently studying at the "Ecole de Photographie et de Techniques Visuelles Agnès Varda" in Brussels (Belgium). Her practice questions the boundaries between reality, fiction and personnal stories. Most of her works are based on testimonies, reflecting on the way reality is shaped by each individual point of view "documentray is an entryway to fiction", as Gregory Halpern said ? 

To what extent, personal stories can be seen as documentary ? Or how but also how individual experience can reflect universal realities.


  • February/March 2022 : "Even when it's raining birds are singing" at La Grande Vitrine as part of the Festival professionnel de la photographie amateur (Arles, France)
  • October 2021 : "Even when it's raining birds are singing" at LoosenArt Gallery as part of the group exhibition "Inspired by words" (Roma, Italy) 
  • July to September 2021 : "La femme solaire" at La Fabrique du Docteur Faton as part of Les Promenades Photographiques (Vendôme, France)
  • June 2021 : "30 years, and then?" featured in F-Stop Magazine Group Exhibition Issue Open Theme 2021
  • January/February 2020 : "Apparences" at Rosalie (Gembloux, Belgium) 
  • Summer 2019 : "Apparences" at La Quinzaine de l'Image (Peleyre, France)


  • August 2021 : Illustration of  "Vélomania", in Gaël p. 133
  • July 2021 : Illustration of "La roue n'arrête pas de tourner", in Trends Tendance p. 59


  • November 2021 : Masterclass photobook with Camille Carbonaro (Macaronibook) at La Nombreuse (Brussels)
  • July 2021 : Campus International at Les Promenades Photographiques (Vendôme, France)
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